Virtual Retail Space


Have you ever thought about how you made the purchase decision in the retail space?

Will the product placement location affect your behaviour?

Will warning labels on products affect your decision?

Innovative way 

Virtual Retail Space 

Aroaro XR Client supports the development of a Virtual Retail Space to research customer purchase behaviours. 

Let’s wear the VR headset and visit the space. Everything looks the same as the real supermarket! Sound, shelf, products, shopping cart…  Now, try to buy something within your budget! 

The development of the VR supermarket starts at the end of 2021. The system would be highly flexible in adjusting factors for product and store settings to support research on citizens’ purchase behaviour in local supermarkets. 

The most crucial value Aroaro will provide is actual customer shopping behaviour capturing, simulation, and data!


Activity Data Tracking in Aroaro Client

XR systems are able to track activities data such as tracking eye gaze.

Do you want to know where your participant is looking at while they are going shopping?

Aroaro Supports Analysis

Aroara will support the analysis of the clients’ behaviour and features below;


Shopper’s eye gaze

Shopper’s decisions

Position and rotation

Multi-user interaction

Time spent in the space

Voice capture

Shopper’s chosen routine

Images credit to Unsplash