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Aroaro XR Environment


Our distributed mixed-reality environment, Aroaro (Presence) enables decision-makers to interact simultaneously over a common visual display of abstract data while providing each participant with their own perspective of the dataset. The ability to “move” (walk or fly) through the data coupled with a query filtering and highlighting enhances a user’s perception of the information that can be revealed and used in analysis and deliberation. This is possible thanks to an excellent team. Human power is powerful.

Innovative way 

Create a Visualisation from a Dataset

Create visualisation in Aroaro

We believe that everything can be collected as DATA, but it may be not easy for everyone to find useful insights in massive data. 2D data visualistion may be limited. In aroaro, we deisgned an innovative way to using Mapping Matrix to map DATA to VISUALISATION.  


Visualisation created  by mapping data attributes to point attributes.

use case 1

Tabular Dataset 3D Visualiston

Open dataset

You are able to scroll it to see more data and attributes with your controllers in Aroaro VR or with your hand in Aroaro AR. 

Create 3d SCATTER PLOT visualisaton

 A Scatter plot is a common type of visualisation on 2D platforms. In Aroaro, you can create it in 3D manner. You are able to roate it with your controller or hands, walk or fly into it and toch it! The data can be around you! We aim to make better interactions for enjoyable experience in insight discovery journey.  

use case 2

Network Dataset Immersive Visualisation

Users of Aroaro data visualization tools have a wide range of options for visualizing tabular data sets, but as rich as they may become, tabular data sets do not necessarily convey information about existing relationships or link between the entities, also known as nodes.

A network data set, on the other hand, necessitates two datasets:

  • Nodes, the objects of interest.
  • Edges, the links that contain the connectivity information of a network.

Aroaro Network Data Visualisation Engine

The video highlight the basic functions available in Aroaro VR for network dataset visualisation. 

Please watach to see how does immersive data visualisation with Network Dataset can help your business, research and analytics.  

We have conducted experiments and study on Immersive Analytics with network dataset.

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