Multi-user Collaboration

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Multi-user Collaboration

An awesome thing about an immersive environment is that you are able to interact with others as the same as the real world. 

Wanna work with others together? Or even just simply talk to your friend? 

No problem! Aroaro aims to provide an immersive environment to overcome distance challenges! 

Innovative way 

Create your own space in Aroaro

Crearte or Join a room

Aroaro supports you to create your own room, either for yourself or for your team.

You can invite other users to join your room.


Meet others

Meet others!

Turn on your voice and then enjoy Aroaro with others either for data visualisation, retail spaces shopping, random art creation or any other applications. 

You can meet users from world in Lobby, or meet others in your own space in Aroaro! Let’s break the distance challenage together!