Our Applications 

About Our Applications

Our enviroment supports multiple applications to provide immersive environment for business users, educators, students and researchers.  




 We are happly to showcase 3 main applications at the moment: Data Visualisation, Storytelling and Virtual Supermarket.  


Featured Applications

Data Visuailation

Aroaro Data Visualisation Engine upports tabular data visualisation and network data visualisation


This is a use case of storytelling that combines multiple types of data visualisation in Aroaro

Virtual Supermarket

A special application – develop a virtual supermarket in Aroaro environment to support medical trial and track users’ data to support customer behaviors.


who we are

What We Do


We study on Immersive Analytics, Extended-reality (XR), data visualsiaton and other interesting XR topics


We develop Aroaro XR client to support multiple XR applications such as Data visualisaiton and Virtual Retial Space. 


We enjoy collabrating with other parties and very open to talk about our work. 


We aim to develop a better immersive world for data-driven innovation.

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