AROARO - Distributed Mixed-Reality Environment

Helping to build a richer, immersive experience in the web

More Effectiveness

Aroaro’s immersive environment helps users to make decisions more effectively compared to using 2D flat-screen visualization tools.

Higher quality

Aroaro’s immersiveness is the key to exploring richer modes of data visualization leading to  e higher-quality decisions.

Better Collaboration

Aroaro’s  multi-user environment helps collaborators overcome any geographical distance.  Not only that, Aroaro’s voice and note recording also help teams handle “time distance”.

Our System Runs On

Meta Oculus Quest 2

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Android Mobile 

Windows VR

Take In

01. Aroaro XR Environment

Aroaro means ‘presence’ in Māori.

Aroaro is a Distributed Extended-Reality (XR) Environment that allows  multiple users meet and interact in a virtual-reality space, or, if preferred , in an augmented-reality location.

Learn more about XR and Aroaro’s system architecture.


02. Application

You seem to have grasped a basic understanding of Aroaro. Congratulations! Now, are you prepared to let your imagination fly with us and see more of what XR and Aroaro can do?

Check out a few applications in Aroaro.


03. Publications

We are excited to share our work with anyone interested in research on XR applications. The Araoaro team has produced and published various papers, presented to and discussed with researchers, business professionals, educators, and students, in academic meetings and conferences.

Please do read our publications. Watch the demos and recordings. Enjoy, and let’s talk!

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04. Immersive Analytics & Experiment

Part of our research is around IA. We are running experiments to study how XR and IA support a better decision-making process for business users.

Check out what IA is, learn more about our experiment, or participate!

Who we are



We investigate XR users’ attitudes towards privacy and personal privacy protection in immersive spaces. We use Immersive Analytics to learn about data-driven decision-making, XR to understand – healthy and unhealthy – purchasing habits at retail shops using a shop digital twin.


We develop Aroaro XR clients to support multiple XR applications such as privacy protection protocols, data visualization and virtual retail shopping.


We collaborate with researchers in the areas of population health, architecture, marketing and education supported on a transdisciplinary paradigm.


We embrace new ideas, testing, debating and implementing them when we deem them fit, because we strive to  develop a better, immersive world for data-driven innovation.

Our Mission

What drives us

Develop a better immersive world to reimagine data-driven innovation.