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Aroaro Gallery

Aroaro enables a highly visual pathway to immersive analytics. Participants are able to experience joint discussion and analyse the same data set in a 3D manner.

Aroaro is capable to display the data visualisation and handle data analysis for multiple data type. Please check out the Gallery and more highlights will be found!

Highlight of Aroaro

Aroaro can display a network data set that allows you to move through it!

Let us show you the amazing immersive analytic world!

Watch Demo and see us flying into the network!

Aroaro Overview

Aroaro is aiming to deliver the most favourable features of immersive analytics for our users

We are pursuing to provide an excellent user experience for data visualisation and analysis

Watch our introduction video clips to learn more about Aroaro 

Select Network dataset

This video demonstrates how we can select the proper dataset (network) to visualise the data structure in Aroaro.

Users are able to view the table records while a network data visualization is displayed in the space for better visual understanding.