Immersive Analytics

Immersive Analytics (IA) is “the use of engaging, embodied analysis tools to support data understanding and decision making.” Immersive analytics builds upon several features such as data visualization, visual analytics, virtual reality, computer graphics, human-computer interaction to support data understanding, and either individual or collaborative decision making. IA is a new technology that uses head-mounted VR/AR or hand-held equipment to provide new kinds of display and interaction technologies such as sensor technologies as well as machine learning.

As Aroaro expanded we refocused its purpose data visualisation platform to allow users perform visualization and analysis of data. The latter aligns with a novel area of research known as Immersive Analytics. The ultimate purpose of Aroaro’s immersive analytics engine is quality decision making.

We argue network information is becoming of heightened  strategic importance to many business organizations. 
The context of the problem presented here refers to the assumption that a particular business organization has access to a network data set, which may be its own or a third party’s.

Let us consider a specific scenario where such business organization finds it of outmost importance to its commercial activities to identify the most important members of the network.

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