Telling Stories with Data - Uncle Fredddy's story

The story of Uncle Freddy is a true story and is used here to illustrate a way in which the mapping function can be used to tell a story. Based on datasets of people, places and events created from a almost unknown family history, Freddy’s war record and other sources a sketch of the life of this “unknown” warrior can be appreciated. 

This video shows events leading up to him leaving Aotearoa – New Zealand. It illustrates the simplicity with which a story such as this can be told.


Recorded on HoloLens


The second video shows how from the dataset to the left is mapped on to the map points to tell the story. The scene here is Le Quesnoy where he was killed in the last week of the war and where is great great granddaughter built the Peace Garden Rangimarie for the 100th anniversary of the end of the war unaware at the time of Freddy.


Recorded on HoloLens

The Spheres are people, organisations and places.

A network view of the same data shows many interesting details such as people who, as yet, are not connected to any events. Naturally as this is a da.taset representing Uncle Freddy’s Story he has the highest number of connections through events.

Recorded in VR (Windows Mixed Reality)