Aroaro XR Environment

Our distributed mixed-reality environment, Aroaro (Presence) enables decision-makers to interact simultaneously over a common visual display of abstract data while providing each participant with their own perspective of the dataset. The ability to “move” (walk or fly) through the data coupled with a query filtering and highlighting enhances a user’s perception of the information that can be revealed and used in analysis and deliberation. This is possible thanks to an excellent team. Human power is powerful.

Tabular Data Visualisation

Aroaro supports 3D tabular data sets visualisation and querying.

Network Data Visualisation

Users of Aroaro data visualization tools have a wide range of options for visualizing tabular data sets, but as rich as they may become, tabular data sets do not necessarily convey information about existing relationships or link between the entities, also known as nodes. A network data set, on the other hand, necessitates two data files: the node set and the link set. It is the latter that contains the connectivity information of a network.

View a Uncle Freddy’s Story in Aroaro

The mapping function in Aroaro can be used to discover and tell a story. This example shows that based on datasets of people, places and events created from almost unknown family history.